Tuya Cosmetics

Passionately formulated using only the finest ingredients and supported by our personalised advice and the artistic techniques from remarkably talented and experienced professionals.

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Tuya Cosmetics

Make-up is a wonderful art – not to be hung in a gallery, but to be worn for the world to admire and the wearer to enjoy.

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Tuya Cosmetics

Be your own make-up artist and create perfection using our awesome mineral make-up collection.

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Tuya Cosmetics

The translation of the word Tuya means yours in Spanish

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Tuya Colour Cosmetics are a unique and highly individual natural cosmetic line. The products have been developed through many years of research and practice in the industry by professional makeup artists and cosmetics creators. You can be assured that every ingredient has been selected and blended to ensure the very best result for you.

Our aim, is to bring to you an awesome mineral make-up range that blends the benefits of caring for your skin in a mineral makeup formulation, supported by personalised advice and artistic techniques from our remarkably experienced professionals.




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